What does reducing the duration of multiple services mean?

Assume that a guest wants to book two services—haircut and hair color—in the same appointment. 

The haircut takes 1 hour to complete and involves three steps: 

Wash -> Cut -> Blow-dry

The hair coloring service takes 1 hour 15 minutes to complete and involves four steps:

Application -> Absorption -> Wash -> Blow-dry 

Typically, this appointment would take 2 hours 15 minutes in total. However, notice that the final step (blow-dry) is common to both the services and is performed only once. Therefore, the total duration of the two services can be reduced to 2 hours (assuming a blow-dry takes 15 minutes), by combining the final steps, as follows:

Wash -> Cut -> Application -> Absorption -> Wash -> Blow-dry

Why reduce the duration of multiple services?

Reducing the total duration multiple services booked together allows the associated service provider to be available for other appointments. Thus, optimizing the provider's time and utilization.

See the following images for reference.

Typical appointment duration of haircut and color:

Shortened duration of haircut and color:  

In the above example, you save 15 minutes of the associated service provider's time, during which, the provider can be assigned to a different appointment. 


How to reduce the duration of multiple services?

The Appointment Book automatically reduces the total duration of two or more services (booked together) when it identifies a relationship between them. The relationship is based on the following:

  • Service segments: Zenoti lets you categorize the steps involved in a service into different service segments. Defining segments helps identify if two or more services with common segments can be related.
    Learn more about service segments
  • Buddy category association: To relate services, you assign buddy categories to service categories and subcategories.
    Learn more about buddy categories

When you book multiple services together, where the latter service is a buddy category of the former, the Appointment Book combines the identical service segments and automatically shortens the total duration. Thus, making the associated service provider available for other appointments. 

For example, in the case of a haircut and hair color, if you define blow-dry as a finishing time segment for both the services and if you make hair color a buddy category of hair cut, the Appointment Book automatically combines the identical segments and shortens the total duration.

Refer to the following articles for step-by-step instructions on relating services so that Appointment Book can shorten their duration when booked together:

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