If you are a large business, you will have a large number of providers and most likely, a large number of services too. While booking appointments, matching the providers to the services, checking provider’s time slots, accommodating guest requests to change time slots, and checking availability of rooms can be quite a challenge. Such routine tasks can become even more daunting on busy days and during festive seasons.   

The Booking Wizard automates such routine tasks making it easier for you at the front desk to manage bookings smoothly, quickly, and more accurately. For example, based on the services the guest wants to take, the wizard automatically suggests the providers, the available time slots, and the rooms. This means, at the front desk, you just key-in the services the guest wants and the wizard does the rest - you don’t have to dig for these details. This is handy, especially if you are a busy center.

The Booking Wizard also takes in the guest details at the end of the booking process (and not at the start). This means that you don't have to add guest details until you know if time slots are available. This is especially useful in case you are booking appointments for new guests who may be hesitant sharing contact details upfront.  

Before You Begin

  • You can book appointments using the Booking Wizard only if your organization has enabled the Booking Wizard feature. Contact Zenoti Support to enable the Booking Wizard.
  • After the Booking Wizard feature is enabled for your organization, click the Booking Wizard icon on the top pane of the Appointment Book. 

You can use the Appointment Book wizard to:

Note: To create recurring and perpetually recurring appointments, to book multiple instances of the same service, and to be able to select a service category for a service, you must use the bottom panel of the Appointment Book. 

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